dinsdag 29 december 2009

Oratio ad Beatam Mariam Virginem Ante Missam [L] Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary Before Mass

O MATER pietatis et misericordiae, beatissima Virgo Maria, ego miser et indignus peccator ad te confugio toto corde et affectu; et precor pietatem tuam, ut, sicut dulcissimo Filio tuo in Cruce pendenti astitisti, ita et mihi, misero peccatori, (et sacerdotibus omnibus, hic et in tota sancta Ecclesia hodie offerentibus) [et fidelibus omnibus sacrosanctum Filii tui Corpus sumentibus], clementer adsistere digneris, ut, tua gratia adiuti, (dignam et acceptabilem hostiam in conspectu summae et individuae Trinitatis offerre valeamus) [digne ac fructuose illud sumere valeamus]. Amen.

MOTHER of mercy and of love, most blessed Virgin Mary, I, a poor and unworthy sinner, fly to thee with all my heart and all my affection. I implore thy loving-kindness, that even as thou didst stand beside thy dear Son as He hung upon the Cross, so wilt thou also stand by me, a poor sinner, (and by all the priests who are offering Mass here today and throughout the entire Church) [and beside all thy faithful people receiving the most sacred Body of thy Son]. Grant us, that by thy grace, we may (offer a worthy and acceptable sacrifice in the sight of the most high and undivided Trinity) [receive it worthily and fruitfully]. Amen.

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